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N60 TCR Springhanger

N60 Hanging Rod to Top Cross Rail Clip (Springhanger)

N60 Top Cross Rail Clip Description

Top Cross Rail Springhanger Clips are used in Concealed Suspended Ceiling as the connection between the Top Cross Rail and the N21 Hanging Rod. Manufactured from zinc-plated spring steel, Top Cross Rail Springhanger Clips grasp the N21 Hanging Rod and can be easily adjusted by squeezing the lugs and moving the clip on the rod.

N60 Clips clip onto the top of the Top Cross Rail, meaning that the TCR is held straight whilst installing the furring channel, this makes the installation of the ceiling much easier.

N60 Top Cross Rail Clip Application

N60 clips are the most common Springhanger clip used, and are seen in most suspended plasterboard ceilings. This is due to their ease of use and their versatility, unlike the LPS Clip the N60 is compatible with all types of Top Cross Rail.

Being compatible with the N28 Top Cross Rail, the N60 is often used in high-load applications such as ceilings with multiple layers of fire-rated plasterboard.

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