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In fact, we guarantee a solution, At NASHCO we are manufacturers of lightweight steel wall framing for the wall and ceiling industry and are committed to providing an efficient solution for your project.

By combining our premium level of design and engineering support, with our flexibility and ability to custom manufacture products, we provide our customers and their builders solutions in light-weight steel wall framing for internal partitions, external facade framing and suspended ceiling systems Sydney.

By using, or requesting to have Nashco products used on your site, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you have products backed by premium support from people you know. Don’t hesitate… insist on only Nashco

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Helping Building Safety with Earthquake Engineering in Canberra

Ensuring a building is able to survive an earthquake without collapsing is a basic requirement of the construction industry but that in itself is not enough. It’s also essential that the building’s fabric and contents survive intact and that’s where we, as seismic engineers in Canberra, are able to play our part. The high-quality lightweight […]

Improving Safety with Seismic Walls and Ceilings in Sydney

In July 2019, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake off the coast near Broome caused little damage but alerted people to the threat of seismic activity. This was one of thirteen earthquakes during the year and indicates the need for good seismic design in the construction of buildings. Every building and the components within it need to […]

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Suspended Ceilings

Quality should never be compromised when considering the materials needed for any construction project of choice. Nashco believes in this notion and, as such, this family-run business has built a reputation on quality. Offering the best in metal building supplies and suspended ceiling parts, Nashco knows what it takes to create a sturdy and well thought-out structure. …Readmore

By combining expert engineering with a keen understanding of design, we are able to provide our customers with cost-effective, practical solutions in light-weight steel wall framing and ceiling framing for internal steel stud partitions, external steel stud wall systems, external facade framing and suspended ceiling systems Sydney. Because of our glowing client testimonials and reasonable prices, the choice for our customers quickly becomes clear. At Nashco, we promise a solution to your building requirements, no matter what they may be.

We have made a name for ourselves by creating and manufacturing the suspended ceilings Canberra relies on for its construction projects. Many businesses and properties in not only in Canberra, but Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane totally put their trust in Nashco to assist them throughout their building process and this is something we are very proud of. Construction costs come at a price in today’s competitive market and suspended ceiling prices aren’t exempt, but we are committed to offering you the best quality at the most reasonable costs.

Having built our business from the ground up, and maintaining it as a family-run enterprise, we understand the need for a more personalised service that caters to the specific needs of each client. Given that our clients are committed to our company for their building needs and that we continuously offer the most cost-efficient, customised services, you are sure to get all that you need with Nashco.

Although we specialise in suspended ceilings, our product offerings don’t end there. In fact, we cater to lots of different types of project requirements. These products and services are segmented in twelve different categories that include everything from Concealed Ceiling Systems, Steel Wall Framing Systems, Façade Top Hats & Roofing Top Hats, Bracing, Metal Setting Angles, Ezy-jamb and Ezy finishing angles, PVC setting angles, Access Panels and accessories. Additionally, we also have an extensive resource centre for those of you needing easy access to estimation tools, safety information and more. We also have an updated brochure that you can easily access for a full listing of our products and services, including an overview of the suspended ceiling systems Canberra, Sydney and Melbourne contractors use. With Nashco, we make building easy as you’ll find everything you need under one convenient roof.

If you are on the lookout for a company with a reputation for quality and a focus on customer service, Nashco is the perfect choice for you. We hold your best interests as our top priority so don’t compromise on quality when you don’t have to! To find out more about our company and our services, give us a call at 1300 NASHCO or feel free to drop us a line via our online contact form as well. …Hide content

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