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23mm Furring Channel

Furring Channel Description

N23, 23mm Furring Channel is used to support a wide variety of lining boards to. It can be used in a wide variety of applications, but its most common usage is to support Plasterboard in a suspended ceiling. Manufactured from 0.50bmt Galvanised steel it is a durable, consistent product, featuring a wide 36mm face to fix to.

23mm Furring Channel is designed as a channel to create a light-weight concealed ceiling system for securing one layer of plasterboard only. Designed primarily for Apartment buildings it offers a cheaper alternative to the N29 system, and is also fast and easy to install.

Furring Channel Applications

Furring Channel can be used in a myriad of applications including;

  • Internal Suspended Ceilings in conjunction with Top Cross Rail
  • Internal Direct Fix Ceilings
  • External Soffits
  • Bulkheads
  • Wall Battening
Part# Description Length
N2327 23mm Furring Channel 0.50bmt 2.7m 2700mm
N2336 23mm Furring Channel 0.50bmt 3.6m 3600mm
N2350 23mm Furring Channel 0.50bmt 5.0m 5000mm
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