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64mm Track 1.15bmt

Track Description

64mm Track is used as a component of the Nashco Steel Stud Wall Framing System.

Track is secured to the floor or ceiling with a fixing secured through the back of the Track. Studs are then held into the Track with a fixing through either leg. Standard 32mm Track can only be used as a top track where there is no deflection in the supporting structure. If the supporting structure has likely deflection, 50mm Deflection Head must be used in replacement of Standard 32mm Track for the top track.

1.15bmt Wall Systems often require fixing with multiple dynabolts. Fixing details should be confirmed with the Nashco Technical team prior to constructing your wall.

Commons applications of Standard 32mm Track include office partitions and walls that aren’t secured to the underside of a roof structure.

1.15bmt Steel Stud Wall Framing System

The 1.15bmt gauge Steel Stud Wall Framing System is the heaviest gauge product in the Steel Stud Range. It is typically used for either extra high walls or for external and load-bearing applications. Common applications include;

  • External Wall Systems subject to lateral wind load.
  • Loadbearing Wall Systems subject to axial loading.
  • Inter-tenancy walls in Industrial Factories / Warehouses
  • Facade Framing – infill panels and blade walls.

Nashco Steel Stud Wall Framing Systems provide architects, engineers and installers with a fast, easy and durable solution for light wight internal wall framing.

All Nashco wall systems comply with the relevant Australian standards and building codes for fire-rating sound rating and structural integrity, when lined with the correct lining material

There are many and varied uses of the 0.75bmt gauge Steel Stud Wall Framing System. Contact our technical team today to learn more about its applications and suitability for your project.

Available Lengths

Part# Description Length
641.15TR3.0 64x35mm Track 1.15bmt x 3.0m 3000mm
641.15TR6.0 64x35mm Track 1.15bmt x 6.0m 6000mm
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