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N19N Threaded Flat Clip suits

N19N Suspension clip for a 6mm threaded rod THAT SUITS N23.

Furring Channel Clip Description

Direct Fix Furring Channel Clips provide a fast and highly adjustable way to secure furring channel to a variety of substrates. The N19N clip is used in conjunction with the 3806 series threaded rod anchors to secure the N23 Furring Channel and are often used both for battening walls or suspending ceilings in low ceiling cavity situations.

The N19N clip is designed for use on masonry walls that require either a lot of adjustment or when a large cavity is required. By using the 3806180 Trubolt cavitys of up to 160mm can be achieved.

When used in a ceiling application the N19N clip provides a highly adjustable ceiling solution that is ideal when a slimline ceiling cavity is required. Ceiling cavities of as little as 25mm can be achieved using the N19N clip system.

Furring Channel Clip Applications

N19N Wall Batten Systems are commonly used where large masonry walls have to be lined with plasterboard but a large cavity is required for services or aesthetics. This method is often seen in projects such as;

  • Commercial Office Interiors
  • Hospitals or Health Care Buildings

ASCFLAT Ceiling Systems are most commonly used in low height ceilings. These are commonly seen in;

  • High Rise Apartments
  • Low Density Townhouses



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