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N20 Direct Fix FC Clip

N20 Direct Fix Furring Channel Clip for Concrete

Furring Channel Clip Description

Direct Fix Furring Channel Clips provide a fast easy way to secure furring channel and batten to a variety of substrates. The N20 clip is used in conjunction with the N23 Furring Channel and is typically used for battening masonry or stud walls.

The N20 Clip is suitable for use in walls with services as the 5mm step in the back of the clip leaves a small cavity between the Furring Channel and the wall. If more than 5mm of cavity is required for services than the N20N clip can be used.

The N20 clip is designed for use on masonry walls that are flat and do require any adjustment. If adjustment is required the N20 clip is designed for adjustment up to 160mm from the wall substrate.

Furring Channel Clip Applications

Fixing the N20 clip to a masonry wall provides a slimline method of lining structural masonry walls and provides a gap for services to be run in. This method is typically used where structural masonry walls have to be lined with plasterboard for internal finish but maximum space is required. Often seen in projects such as;

  • High Rise Apartment Corridors
  • Commercial Office Interiors
  • Offices inside large warehouses
  • Community Centres such as Leisure Centres
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