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N333 13mm Recessed Wall Batten

Wall Batten Description

N333, Recessed Wall Batten is a slimline batten, being only 13mm high. It features a large recess in the face which allows the Batten to be fixed through the centre, without the fixing protruding from the face of the batten.

This means that it is also fast and easy to install as only one fixing is required at each fixing point.

Wall Batten Application

The N333’s slim profile means that it is typically used as a wall batten where space is at a premium. Common applications include fixing to masonry walls where the wall requires adjustment due to inconsistencies in the sub-structure.

Part# Description Length
N33330 13mm Recessed Furring Channel 3000mm
N33360 13mm Recessed Furring Channel 6000mm
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