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N39 TCR to FC Clip (Locking Key)

N39 Top Cross Rail to Furring Channel Clip (Locking Key)

Locking Key Furring Channel Clips are used to install Furring Channel into Top Cross Rail. The Top Cross Rail forms the primary channel in concealed suspended ceilings and the Furring Channel is suspended from the Primary Channel by the locking Key.

N39 Locking Key Clips are designed for use with the N29 or the N08 Furring Channel. The locking keys are installed in the N29 Furring Channel and then the Locking keys are pushed into the Top Cross Rail, creating a tight connection.

Alternatively, the N39 Locking Key clip can be installed in the Primary Channel first, and the Furring Channel clipped into the Locking Key. The N39 Locking Key clip features a increased thumb push area on the bottom of the clip to reduce operator fatigue when installing in the primary channel first.

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