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N42 16.5 mm Wall Track

Wall Track Description

N42, 16mm wall track is used to support the N08, 16mm Furring Channel at the ceiling to wall junction when the furring channel is used in a suspended ceiling application. N42 Wall track is a J Shape Channel, often termed “J-Track” which has a larger face on the top of the channel when it is installed making it easy to slide the furring channel into the wall track from the floor.

By installing wall track a support is not required for the furring channel right next to the wall, as this is often hard to get to and difficult to install.

N42 can also be used to support the N18 Ceiling Batten, although this is not typically required in most of the applications where N18 is installed.

Wall Track Application

N42 Wall Track is fixed around the perimeter of a room at the required ceiling height. Fixed to the wall through the back face of the channel, the Furring Channel is then installed into the Wall track and fixed with a screw through the bottom lip.

Wall Track can be installed with the larger leg on the top or the bottom dependent on installer preference, however it is most common for the larger leg to be installed to the top so the Furring Channel is easier to install.

Wall track is only required on 2 ends of a room, the ends that the furring channel end against. However it is commonly installed on all 4sides of a room, removing the need for a furring channel next to the wall. The Wall Track supports the sheet against the wall and provides a firm connection between the ceiling and the wall.

N42 Wall Track is also often used with N08 Furring Channel to create bulkheads. By fixing the N42 Wall Track to both the ceiling and the wall at the required points, N08 Furring Channel can be fixed into the channel. The ends of the Furring Channel are then capped with another section of N41 Wall Track to create two small light-weight frames that are fixed together at the intersection creating a fast and easy alternative to timber framed bulkheads.

Part# Description Length
N4230 16.5mm Wall Track 0.50bmt 3000mm
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