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TH25 23mm Ceiling Batten

Ceiling Batten Description

TH25 Ceiling Batten is a ceiling batten used in domestic applications. Manufactured from 0.42bmt High-Tensile Galvanised steel, TH25 ceiling batten offers many advantages over the traditional timber battens. Capable of spanning 1200mm spaced at 450mm centres with 1 layer of 10mm plasterboard it creates a flatter ceiling. A battened ceiling is also less subject to cracking from frame movement.

TH25 features a flange either side meaning that it can be fixed either side of the batten, and is only suitable for a direct fix application as it is not compatible with any clips. For a ceiling batten that can be suspended from clips see the Part# Description Length TH2561 23mm Top Hat Ceiling Batten 0.42bmt 6100mm

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