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NASHCO products are divided into 12 categories to help you chose the products you need. Click on the categories below to view our large range of products.

Building Supplies Canberra

Nashco is the go-to destination for all building supplies and building-related services in Australia. We provide custom suspended ceiling systems and steel wall framing systems, to name a few of our product offerings, to both Sydney and Canberra. We are committed to providing a custom solution to your building project using premium products and quality design and manufacturing. Having Nashco products on your site will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your project is supported by only the best quality solutions available today ... Read More

Here at Nashco, we keep six important values in mind when running our business and they are: integrity, reliability, safety, quality, innovation and teamwork. We maintain these values by focusing heavily on customer service and building long-term relationships with our customers. We aim to understand the needs of our customers by providing them with products and services that meet their demands and help us improve our business’ mandate.

We are thoroughly passionate about maintaining high industry standards, innovation, competitive prices, consumer confidence, safety and timely delivery. Keeping these values in mind and providing the best service to our customers on the market today is what keeps us going as the top building supplies company in Sydney and Canberra today.

Building Supplies Sydney

Nashco has been recognised as the top provider for all building supplies Sydney and its construction workers as well as property owners can rely on. Our building supplies products are separated into 12 different categories which include suspended ceiling systems, concealed ceiling systems, steel wall framing systems, facade framing & roofing range, facade top hats, bracing, metal setting angles, steel stud and track products, ezy finishing angles, PVC setting angles, access panels and accessories.

Building Supplies Canberra

We have also gathered a reputation of providing the best building supplies Canberra has to offer its builders. In fact, project managers all over the Canberra area have claimed that our service is not only of premium quality, but is also timely and reasonably priced. This service saves immense amounts of time on site where money can be so easily wasted in workers waiting for both products and design to build the projects they are trying to. Our product offerings in Canberra are the exact same as those in Sydney, as we are expanding our offerings across Australia at large. Our goal is to continue providing quality service to Canberra and Sydney, maintaining our position as the go-to spot for all building solutions needs.

What about Nashco’s services?

Whether your project is big or small, Nashco is able to offer solutions to meet your needs. Our goal, regardless of the size of the project, is to minimise downtime and streamline your project as best as possible so that you can feel confident in embarking on your building project. Primarily, we are known for our custom solutions, which accommodate the needs of all sorts of projects. Being one of the leaders in roll-formed sections manufacturing for the wall and ceiling industry allows us to custom manufacture our products to suit the various needs of your projects. The rapid manufacturing of these also allows us to dispatch these efficiently to your chosen site. Additionally, we offer a specialised design service for architects and builders in the design process of a project. We work closely with architects and builders in the beginning stage of a project to come up with a specification for the project in its entirety.

We offer builders proper documentation for what is needed and expected for the project. This service, as a whole, offers peace of mind, prompt contracts, fast and efficient projects and project specific requirements. Moreover, and what we are best known for, is our customer service. Our dedicated team of professionals are happy to help you with inquiries on product availability, delivery questions, installation procedures and so much more. We have a level of service that you can surely depend on and without question; you will find all of the services you are looking for.

Apart from our customised solutions, design services and customer service, Nashco also provides estimation tools, dispatch, warranty, flat sheet and processing, large stockholdings and of course, a wide product range. This means that we cover all grounds in the building products industry under one convenient roof. With our service offerings unrivalled in the industry to date, your choice for building solutions provides is clear with Nashco.

But wait, there’s more…

One thing project managers, builders, property owners and all those who have used our products and services can agree on is that Nashco provides the best levels of service at competitive prices on the market today. Having quality building products shouldn’t break the bank. Many companies charge steep rates for services and over-specify their products, but we, at Nashco, understand our clients’ needs for reasonable rates along with cost-effective solutions.

A project itself can be an overwhelming undertaking, especially where there is a design and construct element included. Our team of qualified professionals specialise in Design and Construct projects and would love the opportunity to work with you to develop the most cost and labour effective proposal, so you can offer your client the best steel framing or suspended ceilings price in the industry. Large and complex projects don’t have to be costly, and Nashco promises to provide you with the best solution for your project.

You may also find a wide range of resources on our site to assist you with your interaction with us! We have a convenient brochure available that provides further information about our products, an estimation tool to help you calculate prices, safety information to give you insight on industry standards and a list of forms for orders and account applications. We have made sure to provide our clients with all the necessary tools and information in order to get a project launched and completed on time, hassle-free.

Are you looking for a building solutions provider that you can rely on in the Sydney and Canberra areas? Have you been having trouble finding the best suspended ceiling prices for your building project? Are you on the lookout for a team of staff of knowledgeable experts that can help you get your building project off the ground? If so, Nashco is your solution!

Feel free to give us a call at 1300-NASHCO and our friendly team will be happy to help you with any questions you might have about our products and services. Looking forward to assisting you! ... Hide Content

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