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25mm Top Cross Rail (TCR)

Top Cross Rail Description

N27, 25mm Top Cross Rail is used as the primary channel in concealed suspended ceiling systems. It is suspended from hanging rods by spring hangers and is used to fix furring channels to. By using a primary channel installation is made quicker as far less hangers are need to suspend the Furring Channel.

N27 Top Cross Rail is the most common primary channel used as it will span 1200mm between hanger spans and can be spaced at 1200mm centres when it is used to support a single layer of plasterboard.

Made from 0.75bmt material N27 Top Cross Rail can be suspended from a variety of Springhangers including

  • N60
  • LPS
  • N24
  • N24N
  • N66

The most common application of Top Cross rail is when it is suspended from N60 or LPS hangers with a large drop from the soffit or purlins above to the requried ceiling height.

Part# Description Length
N2736 25mm Top Cross Rail 0.75bmt 3600mm
N2748 25mm Top Cross Rail 0.75bmt 4800mm
N2760 25mm Top Cross Rail 0.75bmt 6000mm
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