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BG02 Adjustable Direct Fix FC Clip

BG02 Adjustable Direct Fix Furring Channel Clip for Concrete

BG02 Furring Channel Clip Description

The BG series Furring Channel Clips are the most popular wall battening clip on the market. Designed to support the N08 and the N29 Furring Channels in a wall application they are most commonly fixed to masonry walls. The BG02 is an extended version of the BG01 clip, it also features 4 fixing points for the furring channel offering fast and rapid adjustment. The BG02 Clip allows for a cavity of 22-42mm, plus the height of the furring channel, either 16 or 28mm.

BG02 Furring Channel Clip Application

The BG Series clip are most commonly used in  a wall application and often fixed to structural masonry walls to line them with plasterboard. Common applications include;

  • Corridors and Intertancy walls in High-Rise Apartments
  • Lining Hebel Fire-Rated walls
  • Lining Tilt Panels and Precast in Commerical Office fitouts.

The BG Series clip can also be used in a ceiling application for low-height ceiling cavities.

BG02 Furring Channel Clip Installation

The clip is fixed to the wall with a masonry anchor on either side of the clip. The Furring Channel is then installed into the clip selecting the right fixing point. Once the Furring Channel is installed it can be fine adjusted by knocking the legs of the clip over, bringing it closer to the wall.

The clip is often used in conjunction with Wall Track, which is secured to the floor and ceiling of the wall to be battened. The BG02 clip is then used to support the mid-span of the furring channel.

When the BG02 Furring Channel Clip is used with the 16mm Furring Channel the legs must be knocked over to allow the plasterboard to sit against the furring channel.

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